Trade-Up Pre-Approval

Get cash back when you trade-up your existing 3Shape TRIOS scanner for a new TRIOS 3 Wireless or TRIOS 4. Complete the form below to begin the approval process. Once approved you will receive a confirmation of your rebate dollar amount and instructions to complete your trade-up and return your trade-up scanner

You can follow the instructions below to locate your scanner serial number:

TRIOS 3 – The end opposite of the removable tip


TRIOS 4 – Remove the tip > Third set of numbers starting with SN


In order to submit your order, you need an active subscription and thereby a valid dongle number. You can find the dongle number by following these steps:

Dental Desktop: More -> Settings -> Software Versions & Subscriptions -> Subscription Management

Dental System: Dental System control panel -> Tools -> Subscription Management (Dongle)

If you have problems finding your dongle number, please contact your reseller.

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